The Imperfect Mother

You are expecting your first child. You hear about the beauty and fulfillment of being a mother.  You hear about the unconditional love you will have for your children.  What you don’t hear, is how it fundamentally changes you.  How you learn more about yourself than you ever thought possible.

I went through younger years as a complete believer in the gift of salvation.  I believed that I was saved because Jesus died on the cross in my place, and that I was covered by the blood of Jesus by the Grace of God.  I believed it–and was saved.  But I did not understand grace until I became a mother.

I am not a natural servant.  I know those whose spiritual gift is servanthood.  This is not me.  My gifts lie in other areas.  However, Jesus calls us all to be servants, and nothing has highlighted how lacking I am in this area any more than motherhood.

Daily, I fail.  Daily, I lose patience, self-control, peace, gentleness, and other fruits of the spirit when dealing with my small children, my daily tasks, and my schedule.  Daily, I realize how selfish I am.

Daily, my children show me grace.  They wake up each and every morning ready to love me as much as ever, despite my flaws.  They show true forgiveness and still think I am the greatest person in the world.  They accept me unconditionally and forget my grievances.  Just as God does.  I do not deserve the love of my children based on perfect parenting skills.  They give it anyway.

God deals with me in the same way.  Daily, I fail and through the blood of Jesus he gives me amazing Grace.

Being a servant is all about the attitude with which you help others.  I am working to have the heart of a servant.  I am working to serve my family with a joyful heart even when I perceive things to be unfair.  I am striving to become more selfless.  This is the path of sanctification for me.

Thank you God, Grady, Clara, Josie, and Greg for amazing Grace.


About myworknprogress

Hi. My name is Jessica and I am a wife and a mother of three amazing kids. I work three days a week as a dental hygienist. I am constantly trying, as so many parents are, to do the absolute best thing by my family. Sometimes, it is hard to know what that is. This is a record of my work in progress.
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