The Next Step…


Meet Your Teacher Night

Well, here we go!  My six year old is all grown up and excited to start Kindergarten.  Kindergarten is all day and full of lots of activities.  We got to meet Mrs. Truelove on Tuesday night and see Grady’s new classroom.  He got a few kids in his class that he already knows.  Between Greg and Grady we probably stopped 20 times walking out of the school to say hi to people.  There were a lot of people.  There are approximately 620 students in pre-K to 3rd grade this year.

Meet your teacher night

The Night Before the Big Day
On Wednesday night we ate family dinner at Teresa’s house.  Grady never acted nervous when talking about the next day.  On the car ride home from Mamaw’s with Greg he did ask, “Well, what if I can’t find my class?”  Greg assured him that there would be a lot of teachers that he could ask for help if he needed to, and they would be very nice.  He also asked, “What if I need to throw up?”  So he answered that question too.   It was 8:00pm when we got home, and he headed straight for his room.  On the way to his room he said, “Mom, I don’t want a book tonight.”  He gave Greg a hug and closed his bedroom door.  Fifteen minutes later Greg went into his room to check on him.  All the lights were out, he had taken a shower, brushed his teeth,  gotten his pj’s on and climbed into bed.  Greg asked him what he was doing and Grady said he’d better get to sleep so he could be ready in the morning.  I went in a laid with him.  We talked about how the morning would go.  I told him a story about ‘Grady’s first day of Kindergarten’.  I got up and went to get ready for bed.  At 9:30pm he came out of his room and told Greg, “I am too excited to sleep in my bed but I bet I could fall asleep in yours.” So Grady slept in our bed and Greg rubbed his head until he fell asleep. {Clara slept on our floor because she was not going to be left out :)}

The Big Day

Grady got up and got dressed in the clothes he had laid out.  He decided on his Thunder Shirt and red shorts.  He fixed his hair into a Mohawk.  I made him his requested breakfast of oatmeal and sausage patties with peanut butter and syrup.  I packed his lunch with a lunchable (special treat), mandarin oranges, mini Hershey bar, water, chips, and a mini brownie and prayed it would be enough food!  We got the girls up and ready to be out for the day, more on that later, and went outside to take pictures.

We hugged dad goodbye and loaded up the van.  On the way to the school Clara, Josie, and I all took turns praying for Grady.  I told him that lots of people were praying for him today and I thank you all for doing it.  Please continue. After prayers, I quizzed him the rest of the way, “What grade are you in?”  “Kindergarten.”  “Who is your teacher?” “Mrs. Truelove.” “What do you do after school?”  “Ride the bus to Mema Donna”  “What grade does Mema Donna teach?”  “5th!”  I was like, OK, OK you’ve got it.  We stopped a couple blocks from the school and went through our normal routine of kiss, hug, hug, and kiss on each palm (for him hold onto)(Side note: We started this routine when I dropped him off on his first day of daycare when he was 4.  The teacher could not convince him to un-ball his fists all day.  He was afraid he would drop my kisses.  We then had to teach him that kisses were sticky and don’t even come off if you wash your hands).  As we got closer to the entrance, I asked him if he wanted me to walk him in or drop him off.  He said, “I think you can just drop me off.”  Even though it hurt a little I did not want to undermine his confidence and bravery.  We pulled to the drop off site where there were teachers everywhere helping the kids out of the cars.  A teacher opened the van door for him.  I had the passenger window down so I could hear.  She said, “Are you excited about your day?” He nodded, smiling.  Just as I was pulling off I saw him look at her confidently and say, “Sooo, where do I go?”  I am very proud of him.

Waving Bye in front of the school.

Grady and the teacher who helped him out.

My Day

The girls and I headed to the city.  I was keeping the nursery during the celebration service for a friend of mine who had to say goodbye to her daughter way too early.  Emotion on top of an emotional day, and I am so happy that I could do something to ease the stress of this day for her and her family.  We stopped at McDonald’s for sausage biscuits.  Clara said, “Does this mean I get to unbuckle and pass out the food?”  I smiled and said yes.  She jumped right up and helped Josie arrange her food and put her straw in her drink.  This is a job that Grady has always performed.  She was sweet and helpful and I told she was a great big sister, thank you.  On the way home from the service Clara sat in Grady’s seat and Josie sat in Clara’s.  The changing of the guard.

Grady’s Report

Grady found his class just fine.  He did not throw up (although one girl in his class did/poor baby).  He did three papers, went to PE where he reports he won some races, went to music, ate everything but the brownie out of his lunch, gave his note to his teacher, went to recess and climbed all the way to the top of the dome jungle gym, got on the bus after school with Mr. Hinkley (my 7th grade basketball coach), and all in all had a seamless day.  He told me he was tired.  He said, “We didn’t even watch any movies all day!”  His favorite part was PE.  And the details continue to trickle in 🙂

In Summary

I was more emotional that I thought.  I am so proud of his independence, and it hurts at the same time.  I am excited for him this year, but the year is looking really long.  Mom is going to need more time to adjust than Grady is!  He was really excited to get up and go back the next day.  I am thankful for this opportunity to experience a first, because today is a reminder that firsts are not a guarantee.  So I will do my best to fully experience every milestone that I am blessed enough to be granted.


About myworknprogress

Hi. My name is Jessica and I am a wife and a mother of three amazing kids. I work three days a week as a dental hygienist. I am constantly trying, as so many parents are, to do the absolute best thing by my family. Sometimes, it is hard to know what that is. This is a record of my work in progress.
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6 Responses to The Next Step…

  1. ACB says:

    Jessica, This is just darling! I love, love the hand kisses. It brought tears to my eyes, so sweet. You have a beautiful family! Thank you for sharing your blog.

  2. You can’t believe how many of your days will be emotional – happy & sad – life is every experience & you have just lived thru one of them – good job:)

  3. Aunt Dee says:

    I have let this day slip up on me!!!! Way to go, Grady!! You are on the road, now!! And the changing of the guard in the car!! Sounds like Clara has been waiting for her turn! And Jessica did a grand job, too!! You go, girl! I’m also glad that Greg eased the excitement by rubbing Grady’s head! A sweet, sweet time, and it’s captured here for future reference.

  4. Aunt Dee says:

    Oh, yes — love your choice of clothes and hair style for the first day!! You are definitely stylin’!! And Miss Clara in her skirt and Josie lovin’ the middle!! The picture of Grady with the sidewalk drawing is excellent!! Ms Truelove might like to have a copy of that!!

  5. Aunt Gay says:

    You are so right about not being guaranteed some firsts and enjoying/savoring every one you do get to experience.

  6. rachel says:

    Love it Jess! Love the changing of the guard! Proud of all of you!

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