Sweet Summertime

We have had a great summer.  This year we were much more mobile thanks to one more year of age on the munchkins!  Oklahoma granted us an early and extended spring this year and we had already been to the lake 3 times before Memorial Day! We also spent most of the weekends in June at the lake as well.  All of the kids have grown this summer.  Clara started the summer adamant that she not leave the steps on the pool or venture over waist deep at the lake (with life jacket, of course).  Now, with encouragement (and after little sis did it), she will jump off the side of the pool.  She will also swim all over with her life jacket on, whether or not she can touch.


I call Josie my little waterbug. She has loved the water.  She does great with her life jacket all over the pool.  The girl can move wherever she desires in the water.  She wanted to jump into the water like Grady.  We began by catching her of course.  It wasn’t long before she was yelling, ” No! Moob (move)! I dood it bysef (myself)!” So we let her.  And she loves it.  She comes up sputtering at times but always smiling.  Then it was time to move on to the diving board.

She looks so little up there.  Her first time was so funny!  She scooted to the end of the board and curled her toes around it.  She bent her knees and her eyes were as big as saucers.  She counted, “Free, Fo, sick, seben, two, GO!”  And she went.  She was so excited and there was no stopping her after that.

Grady has been all over the pool and lake.  He has ridden the ski board behind the boat, flipped into the water, and is swimming well.  He loves to ride his bike and shoot his BB gun and his bow.  Anything Papa and Dad are doing he wants to do too.  It has been a great summer.  Our summers are about to get a whole lot more defined.  I am ready for the next step!


About myworknprogress

Hi. My name is Jessica and I am a wife and a mother of three amazing kids. I work three days a week as a dental hygienist. I am constantly trying, as so many parents are, to do the absolute best thing by my family. Sometimes, it is hard to know what that is. This is a record of my work in progress.
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3 Responses to Sweet Summertime

  1. Aunt Dee says:

    I am so happy to read all about this!!! Grady has become quite the young man, is an excellent big brother, and gonna be a good grown man. Clara is glamour and sunshine! I see a soft, gentleness there. She stretches one way toward big brother and the other way toward little sis. That’s quite a balancing act! Josie sounds fearless!! She doesn’t have to be concerned about anyone tagging along behind her unless cousin Kate is around. I love how she preps herself for her feats and is taking life in stride!! Can’t wait to see them later this year!

  2. Aunt Gay says:

    I am so amazed to read this! 🙂 I can’t believe how much they’ve grown. I think Josie will be the cutie! I hope i can see yall very soon!:] I LOVE YALL!!!!
    Hope Bennett

  3. Aunt Gay says:

    I can believe that Josie is swimming so well, but it’s hard! What a waterbug! . Sounds like Grady is pretty fearless, also. Then, Clara joining in. Mama, it keeps you busy & your eyes ever on the lookout!

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