Josie and her babies

Watching my Josie play with her babies has to be one of the most precious things I have ever seen.  She just loves them.  She talks to them, holds them up to her shoulder, pats their backs, even gives them bites of her food.  I have not taught her these things.  She just does them.  Melts my heart.  She has a favorite baby that her Uncle Will and Aunt Brandi gave her last Christmas and Mema Francie made her a yellow dress, but she plays  with them all.

She is becoming VERY independent.  She wants to do everything herself.  “I do it!!” or she will look at me and point at me with her finger with a very serious face and say, “GO!” or “SIT!” or “NO!” or any other of a variety of one word commands.  My, my I will not have a baby for long.


About myworknprogress

Hi. My name is Jessica and I am a wife and a mother of three amazing kids. I work three days a week as a dental hygienist. I am constantly trying, as so many parents are, to do the absolute best thing by my family. Sometimes, it is hard to know what that is. This is a record of my work in progress.
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2 Responses to Josie and her babies

  1. Aunt Dee says:

    Speaking of the pointing finger — her namesake, Frances (my mom), has a way of holding up a finger to make a point or interject something. Josie does the same thing!! Makes me laugh! You definitely have three distinctly different children, yet they meld together as siblings, beautifully!!

  2. Frances Simpson says:

    Thank you Jess. What a wonderful way for me to take my mind off a very uncomfortable day. You did a wonderful job with words and pictures. I will look at them often. Love y’all. MeMa Francie

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